Season 21 Dancing with the Stars Roster Revealed

After a partial review by Good Morning America on Wednesday, Dancing With The Stars fans were excited to hear that a controversial chef and an Amercian hero are among the participants for the upcoming season.

The celebrities of Season 21 are now getting ready to showcase everything they’ve got on the dance floor.

This year's celebrities include tormented celebrity chef Paula Deen, daughter of Australia’s very popular ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Bindi Irvin, as well as Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey.

In fact, Gary first talked about it on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday.  

Actually, most of the stars were revealed way before Good Morning America’s ‘big reveal’; for example, contestants like Hip Hop star Chaka Khan and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys were announced prior. However, Busey and Deen were amongst those disclosed on the morning show.

Paula Deen has been struggling with her weight for a long time and finally, she is comfortable enough in her skin to participate in the competition.

This is the first time that Dancing With The Stars will feature a married couple, with “Spy Kids” star Alexa PenaVega and husband Carlos PenaVega.

The season will premier mid-September. Here is the complete list of contestants!

  • Paula Deen (celebrity chef)
  • Gary Busey (actor),
  • Alek Skarlatos (French train hero),
  • Bindi Irwin (daughter of “The Crocodile Hunter” star Steve Irwin),
  • Chaka Khan (R&B icon),
  • Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys member),
  • Kim Zolciak (reality star),
  • Victor Espinoza (American Pharoah jockey),
  • Tamar Braxton (reality star),
  • Hayes Grier (Internet personality),
  • Alexa PenaVega (actress),
  • Carlos PenaVega (actor),
  • Andy Grammer (singer)

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